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PERSONAL DISCIPLINE: At St. Basil Seminary discipline is an integral part of education and is administered in that light. Supervision is closer than in most colleges. No student of good will and sound moral principles will find it severe or exacting. It is so natural and proper to true manhood that its observance becomes second nature to the student and distinguishes him as a truly mature and cultured man.

CULTURAL AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Opportunities are provided to the students for fostering cultural interests, for field trips which relate to curriculum, and for lectures in nearby colleges and universities. Students also have access to museums and performing arts centers in New York City and southwestern Connecticut.


ATHLETIC PROGRAM: All the students are encouraged to participate in some type of physical fitness program. This is in accord with the objectives of the institution; that is, to educate the whole man. Annually, there is scheduled a physical education activity such as the Pan Basilian Games.

STUDENT WORK PROGRAM: Manual labor is a traditional part of seminary training. It teaches the student to accept responsibilities for his own and the community’s needs. It enables him to experience physical labor and to respect the men who live by it and whom he may serve some day as pastor.

THE SEMINARY LITURGICAL CHOIR: The oldest group activity is the Seminary Liturgical Choir, which has performed frequently at civic and ecclesiastical functions. Its repertoire includes traditional liturgical compositions of the Divine Liturgy, Presanctified Liturgy, Vespers, and other services of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.