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Campus resources

THE SEMINARY CENTER is an L-shaped structure facing Glenbrook Road. In this building are housed the administrative and faculty offices, lecture halls, computer science lab, chapel, auditorium, dormitory, dining, and recreation facilities for the students and seminary staff.

ST. BASIL SEMINARY LIBRARY is situated on Clovelly Road and offers a variety of materials and services to staff and students. The major concentration of the library’s collection is in the area of philosophy and religion. These are supplemented by collections in the humanities and in the sciences. Special collections include those on Eastern Catholicism and Ukrainian studies. The library currently subscribes to some one hundred twenty periodicals while its periodical collection, coupled with that of the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, represents over two hundred titles. The Library offers Inter Library Loan Services and the databases available through the Connecticut State Library system, and exposure to the resources of both Ferguson Library of Stamford and the library at the Unconn Stamford campus, both in walking-distance of the campus. Library patrons also have use of an art slide collection, musical recordings, a microfiche reader, cassette tapes, visual equipment, and a photocopy machine. The main floor of the library provides facilities for a reading and reference room, for the open stack collection and for administrative offices. The upper level has been extensively renovated, and computers have been installed for student use.

THE CHATEAU is the oldest building on campus and a significant local landmark. It originally served as the first college dormitory and presently houses the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford, the first artistic and cultural center of its kind in the United States. The upper floor of this building is also the residence of the Catechists of the Sacred Heart who are the administrators of the food services of the Seminary.

THE GYMNASIUM, popularly known as "The Basildome," is situated on Clovelly Road in a building adjacent to the Library. It houses a court for all indoor sports and a weight lifting and physical exercise room.

THE PAVILION is nestled among the trees along the walk leading from the Library to the Chateau. This unique building, patterned after the Hutzul architectural design found in the Carpathian Mountains, lends its dignity to the solemn occasion of liturgical services and other outdoor cultural activities.

UKRAINIAN RESEARCH AND CULTURAL CENTER Immediately adjacent to the Library building is the Ukrainian Cultural Research Center, which was formally opened by the Diocese of Stamford on the Seminary Campus on November 21, 1997. This unique collection of Ukrainica, i.e., a collection of some 70,000 volumes devoted to all areas of Ukrainian ethnic studies and civilization, represents one of the largest collections of Eastern European holdings in North America. About three-quarters of the collection is catalogued online into OCLC’s database. The Center’s staff also has done original cataloging of some three thousand titles as part of its contribution to Ukrainian studies’ networking of materials. The mere presence of such a large collection of Ukrainian materials is fortunate for our students from Eastern Europe. They have developed a love for this collection, especially in the open stack policy. They use the collection for independent study, for leisurely reading, and for some courses offered by the College. The Center has also processed interlibrary loan requests from George Washington U., John Hopkins U., Seattle Public Library, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It offers a great venue as a resource center for incoming immigrants from Ukraine.